Your Baby Naming Ceremony

To name, rejoice and celebrate with love, a new blessed life in your community.

A Naming Ceremony is a wonderful opportunity to welcome that ‘newest’ member of your family.

  • A Naming Ceremony is a way of valuing the uniqueness and individuality of a new life.
  •  It is a time when parents, siblings, family and loved ones can honour and welcome the arrival of a precious new life.
  • It is a time to publically dedicate and celebrate the special name chosen by their parents.
  • The ceremony in itself is a wonderful opportunity to publicity acknowledge, appoint and recognise the people who will support and encourage your child in their future development.

Many people these days do not regularly follow a religion and choose an alternative to traditional baptisms. Whilst there are no legal requirements for a Naming Ceremony, it is a special occasion in your child’s life, in which you can express to others the thankfulness you feel as parents for the gift of life.

Over many years I have had the honour of performing baby naming ceremonies, and many of these wonderful gifts of life have been children of couples I have joined in marriage. I can offer a variety of introductions, readings, and responsibilities of guardians and I can happily guide you through the process to help you choose a ceremony that is uniquely special to you, your family and those sharing in your child’s important occasion.

A naming ceremony can take approximately 15 minutes, and another 5 minutes is needed for the signing of your child’s ceremony certificates and the Naming Register. Although there are some solemn commitments that will be made to your child, the ceremony is a relaxed, enjoyable, heartfelt, informal happening; a beautiful and memorable way to celebrate the birth of your bundle of joy.

At the conclusion of your child’s Naming Ceremony the parents, child and their siblings join as one, as I unite in a very symbolic way the new family amongst us with a beautiful meaningful timeless family keepsake, as well as presenting certificates to the child, the parents, any appointed guardians/godparents/mentors, grand-parents and even those fortunate enough to have their special great grand-parents present. These are a chronicle that record the new life amongst us and mark this special occasion in their life.


The Celebrant!

Jackson's Naming Ceremony @ home Bluewater in Cairns

Jackson's Naming Ceremony @ home Bluewater in Cairns

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“We hold our children’s hands for a while and their hearts forever”……….unknown

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