I will always:

Provide you with the Information to fully understand any legal obligations relevant to your occasion.

Regardless of what State or Country in this world you are coming from, if it is your dream to be married in the tropics, on the beach, in a chapel, or just somewhere here in one FNQ’s most specular locations in Palm Cove or Port Douglas, this lush tropical majestic paradise can cater to your needs and I know I can help make that special moment you have always dreamt about, one you will truly cherish and remember for many years to come……..

Being a local (yes I am one, it did take 15 years) I am sought after because locals have seen my passion, my originality and the happiness I create, all because my chosen profession is borne from the love I have for people and making their special moment theirs.  I just have the honour of declaring you to be…Husband and wife.

It has been my privilege tohave married couples from just about every country imaginable, to name a few, Germany, Norway, Russia, Japan, China, Tokyo, the UK,  USA, Seychelles Island, and not to forget my interstate couples from all over Australia and of course those from my hometown of Melbourne Victoria, I get such a kick out of couples coming to this wonderful region, the place I now call home to marry, knowing at one time or another I may have met them, gone to the same school, lived in the same suburb.

Legal Requirements

  • You must be over 18 years of age to marry in Australia.
  • You do not have to be a resident of Australia.
  • There is no time frame of period of residence status.
  • Australian Marriage requirements do not require that you obtain a single status document from your country, this is not necessary.
  • NoIM, witnessed and lodged with your celebrant is valid for 18 months.

What I can do to help

  • I am happy to assist you with arranging your special location to be married.
  • I will email you any permit details if required once you have chosen your location.
  • Lodge and register your marriage documents, on your behalf with Birth, Deaths and Marriages in Australia.
  • Apply for your “Official Wedding” certificate as “proof of marriage” wherever you live in this world. (additional charge applies – no profit gained).
  • Apply for, if required the Apostille stamp to register your marriage in your country. (additional charge applies – no profit gained) Apostille stamp requirements   or$file/Notice_Form.pdf
  • Supply conformation letter stating lodgement of marriage documents received, if required for Immigration purposes.



Documents you WILL Need

  • If you are born overseas you will need an Overseas passport or a birth certificate translated in English (an Australian passport is not acceptable).
  • If you were born in Australia original birth certificate required, certificated copies are acceptable – extract of birth are not acceptable.
  • If you have been married before in Australia or overseas you will need decree absolute (final divorce papers) or a death certificate – these must be in English.
  • Proof of Name change (if for whatever reason you have legally changed your name(s).
  • If coming from overseas all of these papers must be bought with you on your arrival to Australia for sighting by the Celebrant. Please note you cannot be married in Australia unless you have these original papers with you.
  • You can obtain a Notice of Intended Marriage (NoIM).
    To obtain the form, click this link to Download - Notice of Intention to Marry (NoIM)


To lodge your NoIM with your Authorised Celebrant

  • The Form will tell you who can witness your signature before you lodge the document with your Authorised Celebrant; this applies to couples living in Australia and residing overseas.
  • If it is not convenient for both party’s to have the NoIM signed and witnessed it is acceptable to legally lodge the NoIM with one witnessed signature only, the other must be obtained before the ceremony is to take place.
  • The witnessed NoIM along with a copy of both party’s supporting documents such as birth certificates, divorce or death documents can then be lodged 18mths prior to the wedding date, but must be lodged no later than one calendar month prior to the wedding.
  • The NoIM and supporting documents can be received via email, scan, fax or post 1 month prior to the ceremony date, with supporting evidence of both party’s.


Should you need any further information
please contact me.  CONTACT PAGE

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