A Tinaroo Escape in the beautiful Atherton Tablelands an hour’s drive from Cairns – the perfect setting for a couple so in love.

This Cairns Marriage Celebrant was so honoured to be this Cairns Wedding Coordinator’s Marriage Celebrant on their special day!!!!

Alex and Darren's Wedding Ceremony @ A Tinaroo Escape 29.9.2012

Alex and Darren's Wedding Ceremony @ A Tinaroo Escape 29.9.2012

Alex and Darren come from the Tablelands and although they now work in Weipa it was important that their wedding location was within nature surrounded by the tranquil landscape that they have enjoyed exploring together over the years. So the Atherton Tablelands, Lake Tinaroo was their perfect setting. I met Alex 3 years ago when she was the wedding coordinator at the Kewarra Beach Resort and Spa in Cairns. As an experienced Marriage Celebrant in Cairns, our happy association was one of trust in each other’s abilities at what we do so well as suppliers to those wishing to marry here in the tropics of Far North Queensland.

When Alex and Darren got engaged, they asked me to be their wedding celebrant.  I was totally delighted and overjoyed that they had faith that I would deliver a wedding ceremony which truly reflected them as a couple, they requested, laughter, joy, fun, uniqueness, something creative that had never been seen and at the same time still honouring the sacredness of the wedding vows they were about to speak to one another. Alex has seen me do many wedding ceremonies as well as renewal of vows ceremonies and knows I have been gifted with a unique style and passion for my chosen profession. I believe if you have confidence in your marriage celebrant, then that is a key factor to having a very special wedding ceremony and a joyous night of festivities for all!.

Alex and Darren chose wonderful suppliers to bring together their special day, the lovely Colyn from Lovegreen Photography was there with his faithful camera Maxine (yes she has a name).  MJ was their DJ, (he’s fabulous), and he also played their ceremony music. Rachel from Blush Floral had made magnificent flower arrangements for the bridal party, as well as their table arrangements. You name it, that girl knows her business; there’s was wild bush flowers and fit perfectly into the magnificence of the region. Then came the food – I only got to stay for champers and canapés as I had another engagement to attend, but what I got to munch on was delicious! The anti-pesto platters were a treat; my favourites were the dips, and those mini pickled onions. Never tasted anything so delicious before.  I so wanted to stay! Cath from Mia Pop Treats was their caterer.

Now for their wedding ceremony…..The day was picture perfect, the sun shone, the gentle breeze danced merrily for this lovely couple, about to speak their marriage vows to one another. The lovely groom Darren, a total gentleman, and his best man Elias (great guy to have by your side), looked so handsome, Darren was a little blissfully nervous and completely ecstatic. The music started which signalled the bride’s entrance, Alex’s beautiful bridesmaids that shared her day with her and helped her get ready looked stunning, but what followed was even more awe-inspiring.  Alex was escorted down the aisle by her 4 beaming brothers, ages 23 to 7. You could see and feel how happy they were for their big sister. Believe me, they were so proud.  I was witness to something very special and beautiful.

I have done well over 500 weddings since becoming a marriage celebrant in Cairns.  Love was in the house, you could feel every one of their 80+ guest’s personal affection for Darren and Alex. As we began, the tears of joy flowed freely, followed by laughter and happiness, sincerity and more tears. Even the males had tears – not a dry eye in the house! I saw a box of tissues being handed round; it was romantically electric. I cry every now and then (I love it because I feel it) and today my mascara was stinging my eyes. It was a meaningful, happy, joyful, forever memorable wedding ceremony filled with love and laughter, totally reflective of a young couple wanting to express their commitment in a special way to those they loved so deeply. I can say this couple have had their fair share of ups and downs, but their love and commitment to one another has sustained so much in their short lives.

This is their story……..

It began through a mutual friend of theirs, Gillian, who introduced them when Darren was on holiday in Cairns. There were definitely sparks flying that night when Alex met this man who intrigued her big time. He was shy, mysterious and of course in her words “damn sexy” (he is!) Darren was equally smitten with her outgoing nature, beautiful smile and infectious bubbly personality.

On the 8th December 2011 they celebrated their engagement by buying pizza, washed down with a bottle of bubbly at Yorkeys Knob beach in Cairns. It was a perfect setting for them because the small but beautiful, spontaneous things in life are what is important to Darren and Alex.

After their wedding ceremony, the groom’s father and mother shared with me their total joy and happiness at what Alex has brought into their beautiful son’s life. Parents so proud to welcome their new daughter-in-law into to their lives forever. They just love her!

My lovely friends, the world is yours – live it, love it, enjoy it, explore it and remember I do naming ceremonies…love you both forever.


Jo your Cairns Marriage Celebrant and Friend!!!!!!


Joanne Male Civil Marriage Celebrant Cairns + Port Douglas + Tablelands FNQ



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  1. Alex & Darren Coleman

    Hi Jo, so where to begin……Firstly Darren and I just want to thank you so much for making our wedding day magical, every one of our family and friends said it was the BEST most beautiful, heartfelt, happy, fun, meaningful (we could keep going) ceremony they had ever been too, full of laughter, joy happiness and tears.. Having been extensively involved in the Cairns wedding industry myself and seeing my fair share of celebrants at work over the years…you are simply one of a kind. How lucky were we that you were free that day for us lovely Jo. Being a wedding coordinator I have seen a lot of your ceremonies and you amazingly surprised me at our ceremony, how do you do that Jo, what a gift you have and your passion shines! Such a creative, happy, beautiful special, earthy lady you are, you made our day one to be remembered, our story you wrote, the special surprise gifts you incorporated into our ceremony, your words that were “us” to a tee, you had everyone totally captivated and they still comment on how included they felt, my brothers love you Jo, thank you for it ALL, you certainly have a gift of making everyone, including us very relaxed and happy, I thought we would not remember a thing, but we remember it happily. You seriously made the beginning of our new life as husband and wife a day we will cherish and never forget….Love you Jo, Alex and Darren Coleman xoxoxo

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