This Cairns Marriage Celebrant was honoured to declare Kara and Paddy from the UK “Husband and Wife”.

This Cairns Marriage Celebrant was honoured to declare Kara and Paddy from the UK “Husband and Wife”.

Cairns Wedding Ceremony of Kara + Paddy from the UK

Cairns Wedding Ceremony of Kara + Paddy from the UK

The wedding ceremony venue was the magnificent, lush, tropical hideaway paradise, the Kewarra Beach Resort & Spa in Clifton Beach, Cairns, Queensland. This stunning location and beachfront backdrop was where this Cairns Marriage Celebrant met the most delightful and madly in love couple, Paddy and Kara. They had travelled over 17,000 Kms from the UK with both lots of parents and two closest friends to ‘Say I Do”. What a magical day it was!

Kara and Paddy had been to Australia with Paddy’s best man Billy a few years ago and decided Cairns, Queensland was the perfect setting to cement their love. This Cairns Marriage Celebrant was more than happy to officiate at their Australian civil ceremony.

The tranquil, tropical, lush open-plan reception of the Kewarra Beach Resort was more than Kara, Paddy their 2 lots of parents and friends could have expected. The excitement started to set in! I met this lovely couple and their guests for the first time a few days before they would speak their wedding vows that united them as one. My speciality is writing bespoke, tailor-made personal, wedding ceremonies that are unique, hold significance and meaning and truly reflects a couples’ personalities.  I have to say this Cairns marriage celebrant does love it when the bride and groom keep it all a surprise from their guests and even the bridal party; makes is entertaining, interesting and exciting and thoroughly enjoyable.

With the legal paperwork done, I started to discuss in-depth treats I have personally created and perfected over the years that could take their Australian marriage ceremony from being “just a bunch of words” to a wedding ceremony that was happy, joyous, fun, heartfelt, meaningful and would forever lovingly live in the hearts of Kara, Paddy their parents and friends. This I know I can do with total certainty, using my creative mind and passion for my chosen craft.

Kara and Paddy wanted everyone included. Their expectations of a civil marriage ceremony were not high, as the only weddings they have been to in the UK and Scotland were all Church services or at the registry office. That option definitely did not fit this full-of-life, happy, fun-loving couple!

As they had no anticipation of what this Civil Celebrant offered, I suggested to them truly unique meaningful ideas, but I was not telling them anything about the surprise gifts I would present to them during their marriage ceremony other than, “they are symbolic of love and marriage and they work”. They would be blown away (and they were!) – these are surprises for my couples, gifts given from me to them with love and meaning. My couple decided on a surprise ceremony which also included every one they loved, especially all four parents at different times during their wedding ceremony. This was very important to them because they had travelled from across the oceans to make sure they were witness to their children’s love and union. So each parent had a secret, unknown to them, but very special, role at the ceremony and only I knew when and how that was going to happen. I suggested that Billy, Paddy’s best man, might like to read a poem. They liked that and wanted something fun (see below). Billy would also pass the rings at the time of their ring exchange.

Wedding vows were secretly written and sent to me weeks before. Kara had one small concern. Her wedding gown had travelled in a box from the UK and was silk taffeta, but I knew the perfect wedding gown supplier here in Cairns to fix that. So in trust, she let me take her dress and I delivered it to Bronwyn at “Say I Do” wedding gowns. She put aside her busy workload and professionally pressed it and I was off to get it back to my bride. On the day it looked perfect – thanks Bronwyn.

The day was picture perfect, the ocean flat and almost turquoise, with gentle breezes merrily playing around us; it truly was a magical tropical day. By Design Wedding and Events had created a magnificent arbour and walkway on the beach, topped off with scattered rose petals. Benn from Bluesky photography (so lovely working with him) was already snapping away.  Giannina, the resort’s wonderful wedding coordinator, oversaw all the details. She is one very “on top of it” woman! I love working with her. She checked that everyone was ready and all in place. Believe me, our couples’ parents were so nervous, excited and happy that they were all over the place – it was funny.  Paddy was very emotional as the time to see his bride arose and Giannina started the music and from the green lush tropical gardens entered Kara with her father John, she was beaming and clutching a magnificent bouquet of colourful roses and orchards from Rachel at Blush Floral. She walked emotionally towards her husband to be….. and then it started.

Not a dry eye to be seen within coo-ee of Cairns, mine included. This was going to be one happy wedding ceremony. It actually got even more emotional as each of the guests at different times was surprised when asked to come forward and join our couple.  Kara’s dad, John, who had given her a magnificent bracelet just before they entered, with tears in his eyes, forgot what to do, but that relaxed everyone. Paddy’s dad, John, with red eyes from his tears (yes they were both Johns) was asked to join us half-way through the ceremony. He also gave his blessing and them gave Kara a warm happy “welcome to the family” kiss, then joyously gave his son a loving kiss and bear hugged him like I have never seen. Then their lovely mothers Brenda and Miriam were asked to come forward to partake in a  very scared part of their children’s ceremony, they were totally surprised and many more tears were shed. For me, their special day made everything I do all the more worth the hundreds of hours I put into creating wedding ceremonies that are meaningful, unique, significant and forever hold and embody the essence and beauty of my lovely couples’ love and commitment. This Cairns Marriage Celebrant knew everyone would feel they had witnessed something rare and very beautiful that day, and I know they were honoured to have been included.

Paddy and Kara, there is so much more I could share with you all. This is a small reflection of your wonderful wedding day performed by this very happy Cairns Marriage Celebrant here in Australia…..I thank you, and love that you put your total trust in me. I know I made you all feel very relaxed and everyone felt lovingly included. That is another part of my speciality and I know you will forever hold those symbolic gifts close to your hearts and wherever you go they will travel with you.

I can see many years down your road of your married life and love – your little barin’s (your children’s children) will share your marriage story and pass on the magnificence of how their parents united in marriage here at the Kewarra Beach Resort & Spa, with me Joanne Male, your Aussie wedding celebrant in Cairns, Queensland. Kara and Paddy may this special day in your lives forever remain special in your hearts…special because it was the place you affirmed your wedding vows and began your new journey as….Mr and Mrs Paddy and Kara Collins.

This is the poem that resonated with Kara and Paddy, read by Billy, Paddy’s best man (very fitting because Billy is actually a chef)

They are many of the ingredients that are an essential part of Kara and Paddy’s future;

A Good Wedding Cake, Author Unknown

. 4lb of love

. 1 lb butter of youth

. 1/2 lb of good looks

. l lb sweet temper

. 1 lb of blindness for faults

. 1 lb of self-forgetfulness

. l lb of pounded wit

. lb of good humour

. 2 tablespoons of sweet argument

. 1 pint of rippling laughter

. 1 wine glass of common sense

. 1 oz modesty

Put in the love, good looks and sweet temper into a well-furnished house.

Beat the butter of youth to a cream, and mix well together with the blindness of faults.

Stir the pounded wit and good humour into the sweet argument, then add the rippling laughter and common sense.

Work the whole together until everything is well mixed, and bake gently for ever.

Jo your Cairns Marriage Celebrant!

Joanne Male. Civil Marriage Celebrant Cairns + Port Douglas + Tablelands in FNQ.

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  1. Thanks Jo, I’ve just read the story you’ve sent through to Paddy and it is absolutely brilliant, it will be a lovely story to keep and share with family. You were so brilliant : ) x

    Hi Jo,

    Very beautiful words you have written about me and kara’s special day it really was a fantastic ceremony you provided and will remain in our hearts and memories of 2 families for many years to come.

    Lots of love

    Paddy & Kara

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