Tanks Art Centre, Edge Hill. Cairns – a magnificent location for a wedding ceremony to say ‘I Do’ to your true love surrounded by your loving family and dearest friends!

This Cairns Marriage Celebrant enjoyed every bit of this lovely couples Wedding Ceremony!!!!

Wedding Ceremony at The Tanks Edge Hill - Congrats Katrina + Dan

Wedding Ceremony at The Tanks Edge Hill - Congrats Katrina + Dan

This was a very beautiful, fun, happy joyous wedding ceremony for this Cairns Marriage Celebrant, I was honoured. Katrina and Dan met in December 2007 and fell madly in love. They have so many similar interests and talking was one of them, as well as travel, eating and a zest for life. For me and so many of this couples guests, their wedding ceremony was simply, moving, stunning, joyous, heartfelt, happy, upbeat, unique and forever  memorable.

I met this lovely couple in June 2010 when Rachel and Hayden asked me to be their marriage celebrant in Cairns at the Casino, another memorable wedding ceremony. Katrina did the bridal parties’ hair (stunning) and Dan was their MC, a very funny man. I remember admiring Katrina’s floral dress she wore that day and wanting one like hers really badly, but only Katrina could wear a dress like that. She looked truly magnificent.

In August this year I received an email from Katrina’s mother Janelle. She had been saving a list titled “If You Want to Marry Me” that Katrina had written she was about 7.  Janelle asked if I, her daughters marriage celebrant could use it in any way possible at their wedding ceremony…..I was so excited because some of what Katrina had written. Is Katrina to this day. Believe me when I say this is the most eloquent, attractive, beautiful, generous loving woman who even at 7 knew what she wanted in life. Go girl!!!

So I arranged with her mother to bring the original to their wedding ceremony to present to her daughter at the approporate time during their ceremony. The day before at their wedding rehearsal I met Janelle who was just as excited as me becasue this  fitted so well into their style of wedding ceremony and with me as their marriage celebrant I knew I could bring to life such an important peice of histroy and share with one and all, so when the time came this is how I began with a beaming smile on my face…

“Katrina, I received an email from your mother Janelle that I would like to share with you, your husband and honoured guests today. Katrina, it was over 25 years ago whilst your mum was cleaning up your room, she found a note you had written titled “If You Want to Marry Me” – 10 major points to finding your perfect husband. She picked it up, read it, smiled, then put it away for safe keeping, knowing one day it would surface again – the wisdom of a wise mother.” Katrina had totally forgotten about the letter and the look on her face was priceless!!!

It was half way through their wedding ceremony, just before their wedding vows that Janelle brought the note forward, just to refresh her daughter’s memory, as I shared with everyone, especially the male species present, a little about the internal workings of female species…. to quote Richard Attenborough – it’s written in our DNA. I believe we are born knowing how many children we will have, the style of wedding, our wedding gown down to the cake cutter and not to forget… the perfect husband. This is Katrina’s wish list, and I am sure many of you who know this beautiful woman can tick a few off…..

#1 You have to cook

#2  You have to clean up after me, AND yourself

#3 You have to crack my back, and make it so it does not hurt

#4 You have to buy me whatever I want

#5 You have to take me out to tea, on special occasions

#6 You have to drive, whenever we go anywhere

#7 You have to sleep on the couch

#8 You have to let me sleep in the double bed

#9 You have to be rich

#10 You have to do all these things, and still love me

Katrina some of your lovely girlfriends have heard you say #3 and #5 many times!

Lovely couple all I can say is, what you have is rare and beautiful and you have so much love, respect and admiration for one another.

Katrina thank you so much honey for writing that list. Your wedding ceremony was all the more special and meaningful and I know every one of the 150 guests at your wedding loved it. Afterwards, so many people thanked me and commented on how wonderful, special, joyous and meaningful your entire wedding ceremony was. One of your lovely girlfriends told me she had been to 7 wedding ceremonies this year already, 5 in Cairns, and that was by far the best wedding ceremony she had ever been to. I was humbled.

Katrina and Dan, I have so many memories of such a wonderful wedding ceremony, but one in particular was when we did the family unity and brought your beautiful baby boy, Fin, forward. What a trooper he was, so calm, happy and thoroughly enjoying himself. His face glowed with the love he has for you, his parents. That truly touched my heart. What a wonderful job you both have done as parents.

Here are Katrina’s wedding vows, her loving words to her husband Dan –  I promise to encourage and inspire you, to laugh with you, and to comfort you in times of sorrow and struggle. To talk and to listen, to trust and appreciate you; to respect and cherish your uniqueness;.   I want to be your everything and make you feel as loved and special and safe as you make me feel. I promise to laugh and laugh at your jokes, even if no one else thinks they are funny. I promise to be the best wife I can possibly be and be the very best mother to our children. I promise I will fall in love with you everyday day, and tell you everything. I promise to go on adventures with you. You are my best friend and I love you with everything I have.

These are Dan’s wedding vows to his beautiful bride Katrina – Katrina, my promise to you…Today I stand before our family and friends as witness and give you my word that I will give you the best of me every day. I will love you, support you, protect you, respect you and appreciate everything you are to me as my girl, my friend, a Mum and the quirky creative beautiful sexy and loving person you are.

Katrina you looked like a fairy princess. You have classy taste and carry yourself with so much dignity and beauty. Words cannot express how magnificent you looked and your beautiful flowers, made with love especially for you by Kerry from” I Do Flowers” were amazing.  Kerry you are a gifted lady, the decorations, flowers, and place settings truly set the scene for romance.  Kerry thankyou for the beautiful compliemtns you bestowed upon me after their wedding cermeony, you being so well respected in the Cairns wedding industry you get to see and hear a lot, your praise means so much. And Dan, you looked stunning and both bridal parties were awesome, wonderful friends to have with you on such a special day, your wedding day.  I hope you still have your beautiful symbolic gifts I gave to you both, the last one completely brought your wedding ceremony to a magnificent close. Thanks to your love and commitment to one another.

Thank you so much for asking me to be your marriage celebrant here in Cairns, we truly are blessed with this regions magnificent tropical climate. May all the years ahead, bring you both the best of everything – Dreams, happiness and much more love. You deserve it all.

Jo your Marriage Celebrant Cairns!

Joanne Male. Civil Marriage Celebrant Cairns + Port Douglas + Tablelands in FNQ.

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  1. I ask my couples to approve their story, this is Katrina’s reply:

    Hi Joanne
    The story is lovely, I don’t want to change anything. Thank you for writing it. Its really nice to have an account of the day from your perspective. Everything happened so fast for me, so I like to hear about how other people liked it. It helps me remember the details. I will definatly write you a testimonial…
    love Katrina

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