The Hilton Hotel, Cairns June 2012 – featuring the ever elegant, lovely Dewi, marrying Michael, Mr. Romantic, in a very meaningful wedding ceremony.


Wedding Celebrant @ your Wedding Ceremony Cairns

Wedding Celebrant @ your Wedding Ceremony Cairns

How lucky was this Cairns Marriage Celebrant.

I got a call from this groom checking on my availability for a very special wedding ceremony to be held here in Cairns at the Hilton Hotel. Dewi and Michael were looking for a wedding celebrant in Cairns who could bring, fun, happiness, joy, originality and laughter to their wedding ceremony, as well as honouring the sacredness of their commitment to one another.

I firmly believe that if your wedding ceremony reflects your personalities and is joyous and upbeat (not over the top) then that is the catalyst for a wonderful fun event, and I enjoyed delivering this wedding ceremony for this lovely couple. This ceremony certainly made everyone feel included. The guests promised the couple they would dance the night away, as well as a few other wedding vows Dewi and Michael requested they do. Everyone had a wonderful time, including me, their marriage celebrant.

This is a special part of Dewi and Michael’s love story……..

Michael surprised his love with a very romantic wedding proposal, which brought their much loved family and dearest friends to “The Hilton Hotel in Cairns” overlooking the magnificent Trinity Inlet in the centre of this romantic tropical city. And Dewi said yes!

The sun shone, the breezes danced a merry jig amongst us all, as Dewi entered with her mother and father who offered their continued love to their daughter and soon to be son-in-law. Family is very important to this couple. Their parents had flown in from in from overseas to be at their childrens wedding cermeony, now their hometown of Cairns.  For Dewi and Michael it was very important  that their parents be included in their wedding ceremony and honoured by their children in a very symbolic way that will forever remain a very special part of their wedding day.

This is Michael’s very special proposal……

Michael was determined to make his proposal to Dewi one she would forever hold close to her heart. And it is hard enough having a secret from the one person you should never hide things from, especially if it’s one that is going to change both of their lives forever. What was even harder was having the engagement ring in his possession, because it was seriously burning a hole in his pocket.

Michael knew he wanted to propose to Dewi on Valentine’s Day whilst they were on holiday in Bali. So a few days before they were due to leave, he secretly brought a beautiful white gold, princess-cut diamond engagement ring for Dewi. (It’s stunning) He was so nervous Dewi would get wind of what he was up to and that she may have started snooping, so he took the ring to work with him to be sure. Just before they left he hid it in his hand luggage, and kept a tight rein on that bag so Dewi would not suspect a thing…and it worked.

So on Valentine’s night in 2011, three days into their holiday, Michael made special dinner reservations. On the way to the restaurant, with sweating palms and a heart beating a million miles an hour, Michael asked Dewi to stop and look at the view, but she answered with,”It’s too dark and I’m hungry”. But Michael was not giving up that easily. He fell to one knee there and then, spoke those four words which change couples’ relationships -”Will you marry me?” Michael’s surprise was so unexpected – Dewi was totally lost for words and forgot to answer “Yes”, for a little while anyway.

Dewi and Michael are the true keepers of each other’s hearts. What followed their wonderful wedding ceremony was a fabulous reception. A few days later Dewi and Michael set off on a romantic six week honeymoon throughout Europe.

Thank you Dewi and Michael, the honour was all mine, you lovely couple!

Jo your Marriage Celebrant Cairns!

Joanne Male. Civil Marriage Celebrant Cairns + Port Douglas+  Tablelands in FNQ.

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  1. This is the reply I got from Dewi and Michael:

    Hi Jo, you just like to make me cry!!! Reading that I remembered the day and got all teary. Of course you can put our story on your website/FB, I’m actually honoured.

    Feedback: Jo, you made us feel so relaxed especially me (Dewi),I loved how you included the guests into the ceremony. it was really a fantastic day and thank you so much for being part of our day. Love you Jo!
    Ps: I loved Michael’s vow, he’s so cheeky!

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