The Billabong, Kuranda, a tropical lush rainforest setting overlooking a magnificent billabong, a 30 minute drive from Palm Cove in Cairns. The lovely happy Michelle and her charming groom Leon.


This beautiful bride made this Cairns Marriage Celebrant cry!!!

Cairns Marriage Celebrant @ Michelle + Leon's wedding ceremony

Cairns Marriage Celebrant @ Michelle + Leon's wedding ceremony

The Billabong in Kuranda, a tropical lush rainforest location, was were this Cairns Marriage Celebrant had the honour of declaring this lovely couple “husband and wife”

Love can blossom at the most unexpected times in our lives, no matter how long you may know someone. Michelle is a beautiful, earthy, elegant woman and she was so excited to be marrying her fun loving, easy going, happy man. The picture she had in her mind became a reality and this was one happy couple. There was no bridal party, just their two beautiful children, Miss Kaylee and baby Leo. Ginger, the wedding co-ordinator at The Billabong in Kuranda, had made a magnificent heart using rose petals on the manicured lawns that overlook the venue’s magnificent lake. Michelle wore a magnificent ivory antique dress and her husband-to-be Leon set it all off wearing black and green. His shoes topped off his outfit, green crocodile skinned shoes – I loved them!

Here is their amazing fun story…….I have to say, they were either a bit slow off the mark, or just wanting to get the wildness out of themselves, before they took that step of exploring their friendship on a much deeper level. Michelle and Leon met when they were 15 and 16 years old, whilst they were doing a pre-painting apprenticeship at TAFE, and they became good friends. It actually took another seven years while they were away on one Easter Weekend, for things to move in another direction. It happened especially after Leon had had a shave and Michelle thought he was one hot dude, that their friendship blossomed into romance. As I said, maybe they were slow off the mark, and a shave was all it took, and the rest, as we all know…is history.

Michelle and Leon’s wedding ceremony was a declaration to their beautiful children as a commitment to them being a family and they said so in their wedidng vows to one nanother. The time I have spent with them showed me what a wonderful job they have done as loving parents to Kaylee and Leo. It was a beautiful wedding ceremony, and this Cairns Marriage Celebrant as well as thier guests could feel their love as they spoke their wedding vows that united them as one. I then presented them with a very special surprise, a symbolic gift that joined together two souls who were meant for one another which made Michelle cry, it was so meaningful I then started to cry.

Michelle and Leon, this very happy Cairns Marriage Celebrant thanks you so much for allowing me the privilege to officiate at your lovely, memorable wedding ceremony.

Jo your Marriage Celebrant in Cairns!

Joanne Male. Civil Marriage Celebrant Cairns + Port Douglas + Tablelands in FNQ.

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  1. This message from this lovely bride was posted on my timeline on the 27th September 2012.

    Michelle Pearce posted on your timeline

    “Thank you so much for marrying us. Every one has commented on how beautiful the ceremony was. You were so heart felt and caring and funny when you needed to be. We both really appreciate it . Lots of love Leon Shell Kaylee and Leo Stroop xx “

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