Vow Renewal Palm Cove Beach Cairns – Surprise my love and thank you!

Palm Cove BeachThis Cairns Marriage Celebrant was overjoyed to celebrate with Doug and Amy on their 10th Wedding Anniversary in Palm Cove Cairns.

A memeroable suprise Vow Renewal ceremony organised by a loving husband, Amy his wife. had no idea was he was up too. Palm Cove Beach in Cairns provided the perfect setting.

In January I received a call from Doug. He was enquiring about a surprise vow renewal ceremony for his wife, he told me that on the 6th April it would be their 10th wedding anniversary and his beautiful wife is his rock that keeps him strong and the glue that holds their family together and he could think of no better way than a lovely holiday to Cairns and could I do their vow renewal.

Yes was my answer, as a marriage celebrant in Cairns I love surprises like this, and I love it when a person wants to acknowledge their love and gratitude to their partner. So in March, Doug arrived here in Cairns on work commitments, we arranged to meet at Palm Cove beach so I could gather information and work out how we could make this surprise one to be remembered for his lovely wife.

We spent time discussing how we could go about making their renewal of vows ceremony a total surprise; Doug had brought new dresses for his wife and 3 girls along with a beautiful sapphire and diamond necklace that included matching earrings.  He said he would tell Amy that they were going for a drive before a pre-arranged surprise dinner.  I was going to be set up and pretend to be waiting for a couple from overseas that were eloping and having a civil celebrant do a happy Australian Mariage ceremony on Palm Cove Beach.  Doug would walk past with Amy and his girls and I would say “hello” (that’s easy for me because I love people and am always talking to strangers) I would then tell her that her lovely husband had organised a wonderful surprise renewal of vows cermeony for her and ask; would she like renewing wedding vows with her lovely husband.

It worked, Amy was surprised, she had a cry and they spoke their marirage vows once again as the sun began to set on Palm Cove Beach.  I had made a love heart in the sand and outlined it with the wild vines that grow all along Palm Cove beach front – it was truly rustic and romantic.

Along with a timeline of when their relationship began as sweethearts, then their marriage and birth of their beautiful girls etc. Doug had also given me a copy of the exact vows they had spoken to one another 10 years ago (he said he had to search in many boxes to find them without Amy knowing, very sneaky Doug and very thoughtful) they repeated them and re exchanged their wedding rings to one another once again and sealed their loving re-commitment with a kiss.

Doug and Amy’s 3 girls were in attendance and I have to say, what a wonderful job they have done as parents, they are beautiful well behaved girls. After the ceremony, that had a few very special symbolic surprises, (my secret touches and my lips are sealed), I presented the couple with a certificate as well as certificates for their girls. It was truly wonderful to be a part off……

Congrats Amy and Doug and thank you Doug from this Cairns marriage celebrant!

Joanne Male. Civil Marriage Celebrant Cairns + Port Douglas + Tablelands in FNQ.


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