Apostille Stamp Requirements

There are some countries that do not come under the “Hague Convention”. If you marry in Australia and wish to register your marriage in your country of birth then you must apply for an Apostille stamp. eg: Germany does come under the Hague Convention but an Aspotille stamp is still required.

Once your marriage is registered with Birth, Deaths and Marriages in Australia we can apply for the Apostille stamp with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade – Authentications Section – NSW. (additional charge applies – at cost)

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Australia cannot advise on the specific requirements which may need to be met in order for a marriage to be legal in any particular Country. For exact details of what requirements will need to be met, any persons wishing to marry here in Australia should contact their Embassy, High Commission or Consulate in the country in which they were born.

If you require an Apostille stamp I am more than happy to complete the paperwork and apply for this on your behalf. The fee covers registering your marriage with Birth, Deaths and Marriages, “Official Wedding” certificate, Apostille stamp with Foreign Affairs and registered mail of all documents from Australia to your home land.

Please request in writing should you require this stamp and any more information via my contact page

Sample of Apostille stamp placed on the reverse side of the “Official Wedding Certificate”

Aposille stamp

Aposille stamp

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